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Ornamental Envy

Sept 7–October 13, 2012
Opening Reception Friday, September 7, 2012,  6–8 pm

Small scale sculpture that is worn on the body is uniquely portable art and puts the wearer on display with the piece. The choice of wearable art is not always practical, but certainly invites notice by others. In fact, wearability may be incidental to some pieces made by studio artists today.  Colorful or monochromatic, diverse in fabrication techniques, and of materials ranging from precious to nontraditional, art jewelry can make many different statements. This show seeks limited edition or one of a kind works which reflect skilled design and craftsmanship, and inevitably, beg for attention.

Curator: Donna Gelinas

Participating Artists: Abby, Anne Anderson, Greg Bartol, JoAnna Bell, Tracy DeCamp, Esther Ervin, Donna Gelinas, Linda Gisbrecht, Deby Harvey, Pandy Savage McVay, Monica Phillips, Mary Lynne Poole, Anne Randall, Checha Sokolovic, Michelle Twohig, Aiko Vail, Camille Vonnegut


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