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Becky Brooks


Mixed-media collage

Becky Brooks has lived in downtown Issaquah for 19 years. Growing up in the Midwest, Becky enjoyed creating paper dolls of her favorite books’ characters as well as floor plans for their houses, eating meals her mother always made from scratch, singing around the piano at home with her siblings, and spending time on the beaches of the Great Lakes. So it’s no surprise that her art is inspired by literature, architecture, women’s roles, music, nature, and community. Always trying to balance her left brain logic with right brain creativity, Becky has found that mixed media allows her to express herself more intuitively—working with texture, color, and line using paint, fabric, ink, papers, found images, and whatever else is needed to complete her compositions.

For the past three years, Becky ran the artEAST Education Program as well as marshalled artEAST’s Facebook pages, nurturing them and watching them grow. Personally, social media has been a way to combine all of her interests and establish unique connections with friends, family, and acquaintances from all over. She enjoys showing others how to make Facebook work for them, too.


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