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Anna Macrae

Art by Anna Macrae: calming the chaos, 30x40, 2013 Art by Anna Macrae: Ordnance Part 1, 48x36, 2015 Art by Anna Macrae: Ordnance Part 2, 36x36, 2015 Art by Anna Macrae: Yes You, 18x24, 2014Abstract Expressionism

Born and educated in England, Anna Macrae has lived on the Eastside of Seattle since 2001. Macrae considers herself a lifelong artist, and from an early age she surrounded herself with art making. Her mother and grandmother were both artists: their skills were often put to use in a more practical and domestic environment, but their approach to life instilled in Macrae creative possibilities in everyday objects and situations. Macrae gained qualifications in Civil Engineering, but her passion has always been for the arts, alongside community-based arts interactions.

Macrae is a process-driven artist. Her work is generated in response to the materials that she uses together with the techniques and processes that she has developed.  She is interested in texture and surface and playing with unconventional materials. Macrae courts contrast and contradiction, and continually challenge herself to explore new methods of working. She thrives on attempting to harness the potential chaos of the unknown during the creative process of making abstraction. Macrae surrenders to the rules of chance and natural intuition as she makes and plays.



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