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Camille Vonnegut

Midnight Shadows by Camille Vonnegut Windows of Light by Camille Vonnegut Crimson Tied by Camille Vonnegut Midnight Glow by Camille VonnegutPainter

Artist Statement

I have worked in a variety of traditional media, including oils, acrylics, charcoal, and inks. I tend to use a variety of elements that are worked into and incorporated within my representational abstract and abstract paintings, including found objects, surgical gauze, and Boeing surplus items.

Subject matter is usually determined by key issues in my life. For instance, studying for a Massage Therapist License resulted in a series on upper body anatomical abstracts, while raising and showing llamas produced a series of llama and other exotic animal paintings and cement sculptures. In addition, gardening resulted in a floral series and reading a journal on Africa resulted in a book cover of a Masai woman.

My mark, an irregular circle, is a reoccurring theme in all of my works of art. This has been an influence from my earlier childhood experience visiting the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde.

Painting for me is an intimate affair that takes me to a creative place to play out and try to understand my life and share my experiences with others.



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