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Liz Ruest

ruest-whispering ruest-Interface ruest-very-small-rocksDigital collage

Liz Ruest works with collage in various media that incorporates a warm color palette and a sense of history and age. Paradoxically, she creates this effect through modern technology. Her digital collages are all built via software, using layer upon layer of her original photographs of nature and texture, and scans of her printmaking, hand-built collages, and ephemera. While she can then print to many surfaces, the luminescence of aluminum, created by infusing dyes into specially coated sheets, best represents the image as she saw it during creation and reinforces the modern aspect of the art. The soft translucency of encaustic wax is a close second. 

Liz grew up in Ontario among trees and rocks, with art and photography constant companions. Her degree in computer science, with electives in art, have come together again in this digital world, to her great delight.



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