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Monica Phillips

On display in our retail gallery

Monica Phillips has a B.S. in biological sciences and has worked for many years  in the pharmaceutical research industry. As a child growing up in Philadelphia,  PA, art programs were not available, and she had no idea of her artistic  abilities until her move to California in 1992. In 1994, she attended her first  Walnut Creek Civic Arts class in wheel-thrown ceramics. Wanting more instant  gratification than ceramics could offer, she quickly became interested in fused  glass, studying fusing, slumping and cold-working techniques. In 2001, seeking  more ways to melt glass, or, as her husband says, seeking more ways to spend  money on supplies, she studied glass flameworking at the Crucible in Oakland,  and learned how to make beads, small bottles, marbles, paperweights and goblets.  Her involvement with the Crucible evolved into a teaching position,  demonstrating art glass techniques to adults and youth, and conducting  demonstrations at the Crucible’s yearly Fire Festivals. Wanting to incorporate  her small glass pieces into jewelry, Monica learned how to work with copper,  brass, gold and silver in her small and airless home studio, aka “The Shed”.  Monica has participated in the Walnut Creek Civic Art show from 1998-2008, the  Crucible and juried art shows from 2005-2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Monica moved to Issaquah in October 2008, and quickly found flameworking classes  at the Pratt Art Center in Seattle, and at the UpFront gallery. She plans on  teaching jewelry classes and currently displays glass jewelry in our gallery.



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