Summer at artEAST

June–August 2017

Need some art in your community? From camps and classes to exhibits & shows, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what we have for you this summer.

Summer Camps and Adult Courses

Enjoy the summer months making art at any age. We have Summer Camps for youth and teen students, beginner to intermediate and advanced choices for adults, and fun Art Nights Out in a variety of art forms. Spend an evening figure drawing, painting with watercolor, building ceramics and more.


Come participate! We’ve got festivals, art walks, and celebrations galore. Join us at Crossroads June 24 & 25 for the Strawberry Festival, downtown Issaquah on First Fridays in July, August and September for the summer Art Walks, and Lake Sammamish State Park for Parkadilly on July 23.  Finish up the summer in the Issaquah Highlands on Highlands Day, August 26.

Exhibits and Shows

Come and see: we’ve got lots of art on display. At artEAST, we have a garden show, For the Love of the Garden, running through July 5. A new show, W-Ink, is open at Blakely Hall for the summer, and student and teacher art on display downtown through the end of July.

Here’s hoping you’re feeling inspired to get out and make some art. See you around this summer!


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Front Window Spotlight: Bob Prowda and Catherine Thompson

Our front window display for June features artists Bob Prowda and Catherine Thompson! Bob creates intricate metal sculptures for outdoor art, and serves as our Board President Catherine is one of our gallery artists and creates exquisitely detailed mosaic pieces. This is our first Front Window Spotlight with an artist couple. Their work will occupy the front window until June 25th. We also carry a full body of Catherine’s work in our retail gallery, and several of Bob’s sculptures are placed throughout the gallery as part of our “For the Love of the Garden” show.

Bob, how did you get started in metalworking?

I started in metalworking about 8 years ago and had no previous experience.  I began working in a combination of wood and wire rope then moved to making metal birds and other creatures when Catherine bought me a welder for Christmas.

You create work that is representative of creatures found in nature and also abstract pieces. Where do you find inspiration for your abstract work?

The inspiration comes from many sources. In several cases, people have given me scrap pieces of metal and it sits around outside the garage until inspiration strikes. Sometimes inspiration waits a year.  Someone once gave me about 2,000 pieces of what are called “shoes” by some in the concrete construction world.  They became the first towers I built.  My most recent towers were inspired by various office and hotel buildings in Dubai.

What’s something you’re experimenting with in the studio?

My ‘experiments’ are typically personal challenges, to see if I can make something in metal that is, in life, very un-metal like. Other times it’s a challenge from Catherine, like a 6-foot salmon to fit over the fireplace. or a 5-foot spider, just because.


Catherine, your mosaic work is a great match for the delicate features of birds. Have you also drawn from other imagery?

I did a few pieces with flowers, abstracts, vines, etc. and just didn’t really find inspiration. On a trip to Italy with Bob, I saw portraits from the Renaissance period that were in profile, rather rigid poses with a neutral expression. Somewhere in my mind, I thought it would be interesting if those were birds instead of people. Since birds have always been a love of mine, it seemed like a natural fit.

How has your work evolved from the days of your first mosaics?

I made my first mosaic when I was in the second grade. I still have it, actually. It’s of a tiger moving slowly through the jungle, but to the casual observer it appears to be a few blobs of orange glass surrounded by a few blobs of green glass. My mother is an artist, and at the time she was making a mosaic table. If my mom painted, I painted. If mom was making pottery, I was making pottery. So, we made mosaics. 28 years later, I made my second mosaic. More successful than the first, but still far from what I wanted it to be. Over time, my tile pieces have gotten much smaller and the incorporation of crystals and semi-precious stones has given me more options and an added level of dimension to my work.

What’s something you’re experimenting with in the studio?

I’m always working with glass tiles to figure out how to get certain colors to come together. Some birds have beautiful, subtle colors that are not available in the type of glass I use, so it’s a constant challenge to work with available colors and proximity to try and achieve some of those colors. I’ve had to scrap quite a few pieces because I just couldn’t get the color I wanted.

Do you ever critique each other’s work?

We don’t critique so much as help work out problems. It always helps to have another pair of eyes.

When you met, did you know you were both artists or did one of you lead the other on a journey of creativity?

I (Catherine) have always made art. I have a BFA and an MA, and had a career as a graphic designer/art director. Bob had never made art, but always had an interest. We were talking one day and I threw out the usual question: “If you could do anything at all for a career, no limitations, what would it be?” Bob replied that he would want to make sculpture, using steel, wood or both. So, we made it a priority. He took over the garage, we bought a welder, a pile of metal, and off he went.

He has a natural ability to create and design. I am always amazed at what he comes up with, and where his vision leads him. Dr. Seuss meets Tim Burton, I always say. His pieces are warm, weird and beautiful, and I love having a yard full of them!

Have you ever collaborated on work?

Our work doesn’t really seem to lend itself to collaboration, and our work styles are dramatically different. To date, we’ve each  been quite content to work on our own with occasional input from the other, but there could come a time when one of us has a flash of brilliance and a collaboration is born.


Exhibit: For the Love of the Garden

May 30–July 5, 2017, artEAST Art Center
Reception Sunday, June 11, 3–5 pm

This invitational exhibition celebrates the beauty of our cultivated and nourished spaces. We are excited to feature both indoor and outdoor artwork, including a living sculpture.

Artemis, Jenifer Wright

The exhibition also includes a special display of “Artemis” and “Apeiron,” life-size figurative sculptures.

“Artemis” is a living sculpture constructed by Jenifer Wright with reclaimed steel and plants native to our Northwest climate. Because of the natural elements in this piece, “Artemis” will be on limited display during the reception.

In a statement from artist Anita Schuller and Debbie Drllevich, they explain that “Apeiron” means unlimited, and she “is breaking the chains that bind her to predetermined ideals and convention. What emerges is a woman of boundless potential.”

Participating Artists

Beth Anderson, Craig Breitbach, Denny Croston, Debbie Drllevich, Poul Erickson, Ekta Gupta, Pamela Holderman, Anne LaFever, Andrea Lewicki, Leslie Nan Moon, Bob Prowda, Julie Rackley, Carol Ross, Anita Schuller, Cathy Simpson, Judy Thomas, Catherine Thompson, Jenifer Wright, and Aiko Vail.


Thanks to 4Culture, City of Bellevue, City of Issaquah, Issaquah Highlands Council, Protingent Staffing, and Rowley Properties.



Summer Art Courses for 2017

Get Ready for Sunshine and Summer Art Making at artEAST!

We’re rounding out spring at artEAST with beautiful art courses indoors and out! Take a look at our classes designed for your skill and interest level. In addition to nine weeks of Summer Art Camps for youth and teens, artEAST is excited to celebrate summer with special “Art Night Out” events for adults. So grab a friend and join us Friday nights this summer for:

Adult Courses

Ceramic Wheel Course, 3-week course Saturdays, July 1, 8 & 22, 6-9pm, $150/$160
Encaustic Sculpture, 10am–4pm Saturday & Sunday June 3 & 4, $265/$275
Member Salon: Art to Fabric Transfer,
7-8:30pm Wednesday, June 7, $10 supply fee only
Member’s Studio Group,
7pm–9pm Mondays, June–August,
$10 drop-in fee
Photography Composition, 2-week course, 1-4pm Saturdays, May 20 & June 3, $80/$85
Plein Air Art at the Historic Shell, 10am–1pm Saturday, July 15,  $25/$60
Stretch Your Own Canvas
, 7pm–9pm, Tuesday, August 22, $30/$50

Art Nights Out

Join us for these fun Friday Night art classes where you can learn several different art styles with refreshments and friends. All experience levels welcome.

Clay Night Out June 23, July 28 or August 25
Figure Drawing Night Out with Eric Swangstu June 30
Fused Glass Night Out details coming soon!
Colored Pencil Night Out with Ekta Gupta, July 21
Watercolor Night Out with Priyanka Parmanand August 11
Acrylic Night Out with Ricco DiStefano August 18
Felting Night Out with Elizabeth Jackson August 19

Youth & Teen Summer Camps
Nine weeks of summer art camps for ages 7–11 and 12–17

Beginning June 26 and running through August 25 this summer., we offer camps in printmaking, sculpture, illustration and everything in between. AM and PM camps available. Stay all day for double the art fun.

Special Artist in Residence Camp
9am–4pm Monday–Friday, July 10–14

Become a “Junior Artist in Residence” with Recycled Materials Artist and Environmental Scientist Gabriele Phillips. Help create her recycled art installation for Parkadilly at Lake Sammamish State Park on July 23. Camp includes environmental tour of Confluence Park. Ages 8-14.



Exhibit: W-ink!


June 20–Sep 6, 2017, Blakely Hall
Opening Reception Wednesday, June 21, 6–7:30 pm

Curators: Karen DedricksonAnna Macrae

Working with ink and paper gives way to a firecracker of possibilities:  all that’s needed is a spark of imagination to burst open its potential.

Four ink artists use this ancient medium with a fresh contemporary effect. The supplies are simple — soot, plant and wood — yet each artist skillfully manipulates their process to push the boundary of traditional ink work practice. Whether the work is of an image or is abstract, artists with a limited palette and inexpensive tools play with a variety of techniques to produce the effects that satisfy their creativity. Showing restraint to preserve areas of “white space” is key to the composition. From a controlled fine needle, to dripping ink and dirty fingers, all become tools. And the possibility of serendipity is always welcomed.

Controlling the ink is one part of the process. The choice of paper influences the final result; such as dry or wet, thick or thin, texture or smooth.  W-ink!  urges us to take  a second look at a medium’s  extraordinary  versatility and vitality.


Join us Saturday, August 26 for a sumi demonstration at Blakely Hall, during Highlands Day.

Exhibiting Artists

Tina Albro, Karen Dedrickson, Lowell Poisson, Grace Schlitt


Thank you to our sponsors: the Issaquah Highlands Council, 4Culture, City of Issaquah, Protingent Staffing, and Rowley Properties, Shelter Holdings, Aero Safety Graphics, Recology, Outside the Box Creations, Moon Motorcycles, and Bristlecone Advisors.



Dive Into Creativity This Summer!

Summer Art Camps at artEAST
We have art camps for kids & teens at artEAST in downtown Issaquah, morning & afternoon options in a variety or art forms.

Note: All camps are $120 for members and $130 for nonmembers. 

June 26–30 (ages 11–17)
AM Printmaking Teen Camp
Make your mark on the world by carving and printing your own creations
PM Mixed Media Teen Camp 
Explore the 2-D world of paint and color in this fun and creative mixed media summer camp
July 5–7 (ages 7-11)
AM Youth Comicbook Art Camp
Gain the superpowers necessary to bring your imagination to life in the world of comics
PM Anything but the Brush” Youth Camp
Splat, smear, poke, rip, smush, dab, destroy and reconstruct your art any way you can – without using a brush
July 10-14 (ages 8-14)
AM & PM Recycled Artist in Residence Camp
Become a Junior Artist in Residence: create a community recycled art installation with Recycled Materials Artist and Environmental Scientist Gabi Phillips.
July 17-21 (ages 11-17)
AM Teen Illustration Camp
If you want to exemplify a concept, make an idea visible, or better understand it, Illustration is the right camp for you
PM Anything but the Brush” Teen Camp
Splat, smear, poke, rip, smush, dab, destroy and reconstruct your art any way you can – without using a brush
July 24-28 (ages 11-17)
AM Teen Ceramics Camp
Work with clay by hand. Slab, pinch and coil techniques open up an infinite world of creative possibilities to get great results fast
PM Teen Multi-Media Drawing Camp
It’s the core of any 2-D artist’s ability. Spend the week drawing in various media expanding and honing your innate drawing skills. Includes a special trip to Issaquah’s Chalk Art Festival
July 31-Aug 4 (ages 7-11)
AM Youth Drawing Camp
Learn the elements of drawing in this camp designed to bring out the creative artist in everyone
PM Messy Kids Paint Camp
Explore ways to mix color and fun while making art. Warning: you will get messy! Includes a trip to the Issaquah Community Center for Issaquah’s annual Splash Day
Aug 7-11  (ages 7-11)
AM Mixed Media Youth Camp
Create 3-D art with multiple media, including ceramics, papier-mâché and more.
PM Color Pencil Youth Drawing Camp 
Feel the joy as you learn to draw what you see with colored pencils.
Aug 14-18 (ages 11-17)
AM Colored Pencil Teen Drawing Camp
Feel the joy as you learn to draw what you see with colored pencils.
PM Teen Photography Camp
See the world through the lens of your own imagination and learn how to use your camera to share your viewpoint with others
Aug 21-25 (ages 11-17)
AM Creative Illustration Teen Camp
Become an illustrator of your own stories and see where your imagination takes you.
PM Teen Mask Making Camp
Explore the world around you & use it to create your own paper mache animal mask.

Registration & Details

All camps are $120/members and $130/nonmembers, $30 optional lunch bunch available between camps (waived if enrolling in both AM & PM camps) Space is limited so please register early.

AM camps run from 9am until noon; PM camps run from 1pm until 4pm. The week of July 5-7 is a only 3 days long and the rates are $90 for members and $100 for nonmembers.

Register Here

Each student needs to wear studio appropriate clothing. Please bring a nut-free snack and labeled water bottle to each class. If registering for both AM & PM Camps, be sure to bring your lunch. MEALS NOT PROVIDED

All Levels/Ages 7-11 or 11-17
Min/Max: 6/12 per camp
Note: Workshops with less than minimum enrollment may be cancelled one week prior to start date.
Location: ArtEAST Art Center 95 Front Street N. in Issaquah

artEAST is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose vision is to be a catalyst for a vibrant and enduring visual arts community. Thanks to generous grants by the City of Issaquah, Robert B. McMillen Foundation and an anonymous grantor, artEAST is able to offer our summer camps for kids without a supply or processing fee. artEAST is a proud supporter of art in our schools through the Issaquah School art docent programs as well as presenting multiple free community events throughout the year, including Art Walks, Parkadilly, Salmon Days, Highlands Day, the Sammamish 55+ Program and more.